How to Wear Wide Leg Pants?


Wide-leg pants were a trend in the 1990s, but pants fell out of favor over time as skinny jeans, skinny pants, and skinny yoga pants became more popular.

But like so many other trends, they are officially back. Interested in this look but not sure how to wear wide leg pants? 

Even if you work in wide-leg pants and oversized leather pants, there are a few key silhouettes to match the mood of any occasion.  

Don't listen to anyone who tells you to accentuate your waist with baggy pants; if we'd never argue with a ripped look, loosen it up a bit.

What Are Wide-Leg Pants?

As the name suggests, wide-leg pants have a deep sole that gives your legs room to breathe. It often hangs at the waist and then drops to the hips, leaving the legs straight and wide.

This style differs from flared pants, or pants that are tucked in at the waist and then flared out. Skinny pants are also suitable from waist to ankle. 

If you have questions regarding how to style wide legged pants, here is the answer. Wide-leg pants are trending right now as 70s fashion influences are re-emerging and transitioning to looser, more comfortable styles.

"After years of skinny styles dominating the scene, people are embracing the retro aesthetic and versatility of wide-leg pants."

Types of Wide-Leg Pants

Most styles have a high waist, but you can also find low-cut styles. 


They “offer more space and freedom of movement than skinny jeans” and are comfortable to wear on a variety of occasions, whether running, relaxing at home, or hanging out with friends. 


These cropped pants have the flowing drape of an A-line skirt with ultra-wide legs that reach the waist or knee. For casual or semi-formal occasions, pants are a great option to easily dress up or down.


These vintage shirts are a star at work and fancy events, but they are also suitable for casual wear. The waist of pants is usually high and straight from the waist. Look for variations made from fine natural fibers—thick wool, cotton, and linen—for a timeless look.

How to style wide legged pants

Wide-Leg Pants + Cardigan 

When summer rolls around, this layered and understated look might just be our favorite way to style wide leg pants.

Swap your straight jeans for something looser, and then wear a short cardigan over a t-shirt or top. (It's also a good idea to separate a little with a wider strap.) Ideally, everything will come together in less than a minute.

Wide-Leg Pants + Trench, + Tank

There is nothing more comfortable than combining a silk top with airy, wide-leg pants. On top of that, adding a hat adds another layer of sophistication and protection from the elements.

Wide-Leg Pants + Baby Tee

The style icon has the ability to create a basic outfit, and while it couldn't be simpler, it's enough to make it interesting.

Most people get confused about how to wear wide leg pants, as they can go with a smart white T-shirt and finish with a few eye-catching accessories: a designer bag, a wide leather belt, and textured trousers. Suddenly, it seems like an obsolete model.

Wide-Leg Pants + Oversized

Add some femininity to a traditionally masculine silhouette with this oversized combination. 

Pairing a casual jacket with equally cool pants exudes both professionalism and ease. Wear them to dinner on vacation with sandals or to the office with loafers.

Wide-Leg Pants + Leather Jacket

The leather jacket here is quite large, and the pants are a bit cropped. The effect is cleverly designed but not overbearing—perfect for convincing friends and passersby that you’ve just found your outfit (if you’re really looking for a story on how to style wide leg pants, we will tell you that it is not).

How to Choose Wide-Leg Pants

Some body types may think that baggy pants don't look good, but that's not true. How to wear wide leg pants casual? 

"A wide-leg silhouette can flatter a variety of body types," elongating the legs and creating a balanced look.

A cinched waist and instant flare can accentuate your waist and shoulders to create a curvy silhouette. A wide shape can also elongate your legs, especially when combined with a high waist.

Tailored Fit: Focus on the right waist and bust to choose the most flattering pants or wide-leg pants. Pants should fit well in this area without being too tight.

Length: Slim, wide-leg pants, such as gauchos and trousers, should reach just above the knee or below (if applicable), while longer pants should reach around the ankles. 


Style rules are, of course, flexible. You can always go for a relaxed look and go casual with both the top and the bottom, but this is a good style choice!

As you can see, wide-leg pants are a flattering and stylish option wherever you go or look for beauty. "Wide pants will remain on sale for a while, so embrace the change and try something new.

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