Find Perfect Fit Body Shape Jeans For Women


Jeans are the perfect clothes to get a rock and roll vibe till the modern dressy looks. It is the perfect combination that can pull out the dimensions of all outfits. Jeans can flatter your body shape more when combined in different ways. 

But do you know your body shape and which type of jeans seems perfect for it? If not, then you need to sit aside and explore this blog. In the end, you will surely know what suits your body type and enhance your feminine curves. 

You need to pick up the type of jeans which complement your body shape. Therefore, you would get out of the complaints for nothing to wear in your closet. 

There are different varieties of Jeans for women available in the market. You only have to understand the type of your body and choose the jeans according to it. 

Understanding the body type or shape 

Every woman has a different type of body shape when compared to others. The classic body silhouette has given specific things for the different categories. According to this, the shape of a women's body is defined based on different fruit names. It mainly includes pears, apple, hourglass, strawberry, banana, etc. 

But before you explore further let's check out the answer for the understanding of the type of body. Once you know the perfect shape of your body after, it will become easy to choose the best complimenting jeans. Grab a measuring tape around your bust, waist, and hips. 

Understanding the denim fit 

When things are considered with jeans or denim, then, in this case, you can make out for the leg style options mainly. There are many types of jeans available in the market which comes as bootcut, straight, skinny, taper, flare, and more. There are mainly high rise, mid rise, and high rise jeans. 

Find your rise 

There are generally three types of rise patterns available in jeans for women. 

  • A low rise of jeans has a length below your waist area. It is generally paired up with long tops and kurtis. 
  • A mid rise jeans measure till a bit above the waist area. It can suit all of your outfits and is designed for pairing with shirts. 
  • A high rise jeans are the favorite type among women in recent times. It measures more from your waist area and perfectly defines your curve. You can prefer to pair it with crop tops with layering of shrugs and shirts. 

Perfect Jeans According to Each Body Type 

Let's check out the different type of jeans that suits your body. 

1. Apple-shaped body type-mid rise, boot cut jeans

An apple shaped body has the following type of specification. 

  • Slim legs with a flat back 
  • Medium to a bit larger breast 
  • The upper and lower body remain in the same proportion. But there is a bit shorter and wider waist.

Women with apple-shaped bodies need to elongate their overall body. The most weight in this body type comes with mid-length near the waist. 

Hence, it is important to divert the eyes from the body part. Try wearing the bootcut jeans to create an illusion around the waist. 

2. Pear-shaped body type- low-waist, boyfriend jeans 

You lie under this body type if you have the following measures of body. 

  • Hips are the widest having a larger bulk of weight gathered in this area. 
  • small shoulders 
  • The waist is considerably slimmer 

The waist seems fit and slim compared to all other areas of the body. Therefore a pear-shaped women should grab their focus on this area. You can prefer to add the padded bra to the outfit. It can help for the creation of a proportionate look and balance your body shape. 

3. Hourglass-shaped body type rise, straight-fit jeans or skinny jeans 

The Hourglass body is considered the most beautiful body shape for women. Check out the following characteristics to know if you have the same or not. 

  • A woman here has a perfect body shape as a bottle. It means a medium to larger bust, a smaller waist, and a rounded hip area. 
  • It is seen that the hourglass figure has fully balanced proportions with shoulders and hips. 

You can enhance your feminine curve by trying off straight-fit jeans or skinny jeans. 

4. Strawberry-shaped body type- Flared or regular-fit jeans

A strawberry-shaped bodied person has the following types of features. 

  • Shoulder are broader 
  • The body gets narrower as it comes down in comparison to the upper area. 

You can prefer balancing and creating an effortless look with a strawberry-shaped body by trying out flared or regular fit jeans. 

5. Thin body type- High-waist jeans 

A thin body shape seems to have the following characteristics: 

  • Your body would have fewer curves 
  • The entire body shape runs in the same proportion from shoulder to hips. 

In thin body type, it is essential to add more curves to the figure of women. You can create an illusion of such kind by pairing the outfit with high-waist jeans. 

1. How can you maintain the quality of the jeans for a longer time?

I prefer washing the jeans with simple detergent rather than using any harsh chemicals. Even you steam dry the jeans to create a sneak fresh look.

2. Would you prefer to purchase the jeans online?

Yes, you can prefer ordering jeans online through trusted websites like Wear Your Words. 

3. Which color of the jeans is most preferable for Indian skin tone? 

You can choose the lighter or darker shade of denim jeans according to the outfit. Further, you can follow the color theory to balance the colors of the outfit.


Are you still waiting for the perfect outfit in your imagination? You now only need to place the order of jeans according to your body shape. After this, you are all set to flatter your look. 

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