Are Bootcut Jeans Still In Style?

Are bootcut jeans still in style? The answer is yes! Bootcut jeans are making a huge comeback in fashion, proving that this classic denim icon is here to stay.

Diving into the world of denim fashion in 2024, it’s clear that bootcut jeans are an essential part of every designer’s wardrobe.

Low waists are back on the catwalk, and luckily most modern bootcut jeans are comfortable to wear with a mid- or high-rise. 

Styling Tips for Bootcut Jeans in 2024

To make the most of your bootcut jeans in 2024, consider these style tips.

Experiment With Length:

While traditional jeans may have long seams, don't be afraid to try cropped or ankle-length versions for a modern twist.

Combine Wisely:

Accessorize your legs with a denim outfit with a statement belt, layered necklace, or statement earrings to add charm and personal style.

Dress Up or Wear Independently:

Most people get confused regarding What Are the Best Bootcut Jeans as they are extremely versatile.  

Wear them with trousers and a blazer for a sophisticated office look, or keep them casual with boots and a graphic tee for weekend errands.

Get a retro vibe:  

Get inspired by the beauty of vintage-inspired booties paired with 70s-style blouses, bohemian accessories, or platform shoes.

How to Style Bootcut Jeans

As with all flared jeans, the key to styling bootcut jeans is to balance the look by keeping the top slightly tight. Finding stylish denim tops that accentuate your torso will automatically balance out the width of your boot-cut jeans.

1. Style Bootcut Jeans With a Blazer

If you are wondering how to pair these types of jeans with a jacket, choose a jacket with a waistband that will help balance out.  

A skirt that is too short will look too boxy, while a skirt that is too long can create a small frame. And if you opt for a slightly fitted blazer, you can style everything but emphasize your waist.

For smart casual wear, the perfect combination of blazers and bootcut jeans goes best with heels, especially if you have long jeans.

As for what to wear underneath, a nice blouse or shirt completes your outfit, and a T-shirt or sweater adds a casual touch.

2. Style Bootcut Jeans With a Shirt

When styling bootcut jeans with a shirt or top, it's best to choose shirts that fit easily and thereby show off your waist.

If you want to wear something less fitted, you can always pull up an oversized shirt with jeans or wear it over a more fitted top or a cropped waist for precision.

And when it comes to styling bootcut jeans and denim shirts, this look is the perfect candidate for double denim.

3. Style Bootcut Jeans Under a Dress

The way you wear a skirt over trousers, or in this case, a dress over jeans, has a big impact on the catwalk. Bootcut jeans are very stylish now.

Go to the highest altitude first. And while mini dresses and above-the-knee dresses are back, midi dresses (and even maxi dresses) are doing the best in this fashion trend.

Your jeans should only match the dress, but if you want to show off, opt for a long skirt or a dress with thigh slits.

4. Style Bootcut Jeans With a Top

What are the best bootcut jeans? The rule of thumb for styling bootcut jeans is to slim the top and shape it to balance out the Voluptuous bottom. Therefore, tight tops and tanks go best with bootcut jeans.

The crop top (at the waist) gives you a retro look while wearing a simple cami top with sandals is a quick and easy evening look for warmer evenings. The ’90s were heavily influenced by bootcut, hence the less obvious iterations.

For the best coverage, avoid low waists and pair the jeans with a long top or bodysuit. Be sure to stick to long tops or thin bodices.

Play with different lengths and pair them with a short jacket or cardigan for a layered style that emphasizes your waist. 

Why Are Bootcut Jeans Out of Style?

Bootcut jeans are not out of fashion. With their flattering fit, protean look, and retro-inspired charm, it's no surprise that bootcut jeans have made a triumphant return to the fashion scene.

Whether you wear jeans, experiment with relaxed styles, or stick to tried-and-tested classics, the most important thing is that you wear what makes you feel stylish. Bootcut jeans are not just swish in 2024; they are an essential part of any ultramodern wardrobe. 

Their flattering fit, comfortable sense, and protean look make them the perfect choice for numerous occasions, from everyday events to more elegant events. 


Bootcut jeans are the fashion choice for 2024. They offer a stylish and comfortable alternative to skinny jeans and other denim trends.  

If you have questions related are bootcut jeans still in style, these jeans are perfect for a variety of occasions, from a discreet walk in the park to a drink at a bar, and they look great in terms of the heel.

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